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Londono Global Law Firms have Solicitors and Barristers working on your case in London UK and Madrid Spain with unparalled experience at successfully advising clients in respect of general crime matters.

Whether it is a fraud, offence, murder, burglary etc. our lawyers are experts at dealing with every aspect of such cases from the police station to court.


Many of our cases involve acting for individuals, often high profile and of good character, who face potential professional and reputational ruin as a result of a criminal investigation . It is our role to expertly guide such individuals through the complex processes involved and we have an impressive track record of persuading investigative and prosecuting agencies to drop their cases.

Our expertise includes:
  • Advising clients in relation to complaints against the police
  • Advising victims of crime
  • Advising individuals and families affected by criminal proceedings
  • Dealing with the interaction of inquests and criminal proceedings

Our lawyers have extensive Magistrates’ Court advocacy experience and a number are employed barristers who have rights of audience in the Crown Court.

Immigration Offences

We are familiar with offences involved with Immigration law and we have dealt with cases involving human trafficking and conspiracies to obtain UK citizenship by deception. We have learnt how best to utilise interpreters in police stations and at Court and can arrange these facilities at short notice.

Londono global law firms are often recommended to clients by interpreters who recognise though their work, the value of the service Londono Global Law Firms provide.

Money Laundering

Recent changes in money laundering legislation, brought about by the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, have widened the possibility that professionals might commit offences.

Our extensive expertise in the area, based on representation of numerous professionals and individuals investigated for money laundering offences, means that we can quickly analyse relevant transactions and advise on disclosure to the (SOCA).

Sexual offences

If you are facing an allegation of sexual assault then this is likely to be a particularly stressful time for you. Londono global Law firms have a team of solicitors with extensive experience in dealing with all manner of sexual offences including historic abuse, stranger rape, indecent images and exposure.

This area of criminal defense requires very specific skills and our solicitors are experts in this area of work. The police have specialist teams to investigate sexual allegations and we are able to offer expert sexual offence solicitors to prepare your defense.

Drug offences

Drug dealing law, including possessing drugs and supplying drugs is very complex. If you, a friend or family member have been arrested for drugs, face a drugs investigation or drugs conviction or have arrested on suspicion of committing a drug offence, qualified professional legal assistance is required.

We will be in representing and defending clients that have been accused of the following drugs charges:

  • Drug Dealing
  • Drug Supply
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Smuggling
  • Drug Importing


The term "Fraud" is very general and in legal terms covers many different types of offences. These offences range from relatively simple and straight forward matters to very serious and significantly complex ones.

Therefore, depending on the nature and severity of the fraud will depend on who the prosecuting authority will be.

Benefit Fraud

In these times of austerity there is more scrutiny than ever before by government departments in terms of their expenditure. As a result there are an increasing number of benefit fraud prosecutions and investigations into cases of fraudulent receipt of benefits.

Benefit Fraud Investigations

Any benefit claimant may be the subject of intrusive investigation and prosecution. Whether means tested or not, these benefits are scrutinised upon the wording of benefits claims forms and are often accused on the basis of not their own words but rather the descriptions of benefit advisors. There exists no clear reasoning for the grant of benefit, which enables claimants to judge the accuracy of their claim.