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Maria Londono has established Londono Global Law Firms with the focus on students and professionals in mind. Its mission is to empower students and professionals with means necessary to update their knowledge and skills, which is continuously changing in the global legal context.

We also offer assistance to non-EEC candidates in attaining visas for studying in the UK and other countries we are associated with.

All our clients are privy to exclusive opportunities including temporary training contracts with London law firms and possible employment after successfully completing certain programs of study with the company. Accommodation and travelling arrangements throughout the duration of our clients’ stay is also included in some of our packages


Winter and Summer Schools

The courses are ran in the summer and winter yearly as open programmes tailored to give international lawyers and business professionals an essential grounding in commercial law and the English legal system.

Professional Skills Courses

We will work with you to provide a course, which is suitable to meet your firm’s needs, and tailored to meet the interests of your employees.

General English

This course is essential if practising internationally or globally as collaborations or cases are done in the English language. It is important to be able to converse and write grammatically in a proficient level of English as this can raise your profile. This course suits people from different levels of the English language calibre and the level will be used to choose the right English programme.

Legal English

In a field as precise as law, it is not enough to know the dictionary definition of a term or how to write a clause in a contract. Meaning and use in context are crucial, and only an experienced lawyer can convey this with sufficient depth and accuracy. The consequences of inaccuracy in law can be extreme.

Why study Legal English?
  • Your first language is not English and you need to be proficient in your English legal terms.
  • To update your skills in English within the law context.
  • Communicate more efficiently in English.
  • The course will be of practical use for both students and professionals of the legal system.
What the course entails?

Legal English courses include English for Lawyers and Drafting Contracts in English. Programme is focused on specific skill areas such as negotiating, advising and advocacy. The English training courses are recognised and promoted by Bar and Law Associations worldwide.

What will you get out of the studying of Legal English?

You will improve general and social English language skills, develop specific vocabulary for legal English, practise using English for negotiating, meeting and telephoning, give presentations in English, raise your awareness of inter-cultural issues and international English.

English Legal System

Get a glimpse of the English legal system – with professionals with core competencies to make you understand (entailing practical examples and case studies) the subject comprehensively.

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