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We are a specialist provider of legal services offering a personal, friendly and comprehensive solution to the law of immigration to students and professionals alike.

Working together we will use our extensive expertise and knowledge to find a solution that matches your needs. Our dedicated teams of specialist solicitors look forward to assisting you.


We are specialists in UK Immigration law and Spanish immigration law so we can ensure your visa application runs effortlessly and efficiently for you.

We are determined to advise you through all the stages of your application, collect all the necessary information, put in order and lodge your application as well as pursue your application with the authorities to guarantee that your application is managed as promptly as possible.

Our solicitors provide excellent, efficient, and extensive personal service. The experience and knowledge of our team guarantee that the immigration solutions offered by us, meet your needs.


In cases where a student or professional is not able to visit Europe or the United States and urgently requires a personal consultation or immediate assistance, our prompt services enable us to arrange for a solicitor to travel to the person of concern.


Our specialist firm are experts in assisting students in getting you a student visa. We will manage your application from start to finish, which means no stress for you. Before a student visa application is granted it is vital for us to have evidence that you have the financial means to support your stay in Europe or the United States.


If you’re a student with a Bachelors degree, Diploma or a Masters it may be possible for your visa to be converted into a two-year post study visa. Our established team dealS with this very efficiently.


If it is your desire to visit Europe or the Unites States for business purposes, either to attend interviews, conferences, conduct site visits, arrange deals, deliver international goods and/or passengers from abroad or even to sign contracts, it will be necessary for your application to be made as a business visitor.

If you need to visit Europe or the United States for business purposes to:

  • Attend interviews
  • Attend conferences
  • Conduct site visits
  • Arrange business deals
  • Deliver international goods or passengers
  • Sign contracts

It will be necessary for application to be made as a business visitor, this can be done swiftly with no delay.


This is the most popular route for individuals coming FROM/TO Europe and the United States either for tourism, visiting family as well as business visits. As the visitor you must be able to show that you have sufficient financial ability to maintain and accommodate yourselves and any dependants without assistance from the public funding of the government.

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  • Marriage and Partner Visas
  • European (EEA) Permits and Residence Cards
  • Dependant Family Visas (e.g. children, parents, relatives)
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain (settlement)
  • British Citizenship


If you are going through a divorce or relationship breakdown, you need the best international family law advice available. We can help you decide what is right for you; our experienced international lawyers handle each case with sensitivity and care.

When married couples living overseas separate and decide to get a divorce, there’s often doubt as to which Country the Divorce Proceedings should be issued in. Different countries have different divorce laws, so choosing the best jurisdiction for your divorce is a very important decision that we can help you with.

The majority of our clients got marriage in Spain or South America. However, the marriage is broken-down in the UK. Our international lawyers will help you to sort out your problem

  • Divorce & separation
  • Financial settlements on divorce & separation
  • Residence and contact disputes
  • Civil partnerships
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Post-nuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Parental responsibility agreements
  • Change of name deeds
  • Injunctions
  • Mediation

What are the grounds for divorce?

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable behavior
  • Two years separation with consent
  • Five years separation
  • Desertion
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